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We think over every detail as well as the whole exhibition!

We know that your corporate identity is best described atypical exhibition We also know that the total cost of the trade fair presentation is not low. Therefore, creating exposures that are atypical features can be used for different layouts at several fairs.

We realize for you any ground, storied and atypical exposition, including arranging all the formalities with fair management of the exhibition - the order of the area, orders for technical services, tickets, cards exhibitors, many other accommodations. Exhibitions are solved either exhibition compositional systems (Octanorm, Maxima Alura) or atypical production of particleboard, laminate or glass, or as a combination of both.

All services can be offered even if you decide to introduce your company anywhere in Europe. It is crystal clear that we also take care of transportation and any customs clearance of your exhibits.

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